Making Inktober 2016 a Month To Remember

With the start of Inktober just a bit under a month away, I thought I'd help get you guys off on the right foot by sharing some resources and inspiration for this year's Inktober.

8 Ways to Make Your First Inktober a Success

Past Inktobers:
Inktober 2015 Inks (this was later compiled into Favorite Fictional Femmes)
Inktober 2014 Retrospective
September/Early October Sketchdump (2013)

Inking Related Resources
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Brush and Nib Care

This blog is full of resources to help get you inking, but did you guys know our sister YouTube channel is full of great resources as well?  Here are some videos to inspire and inform you, just in time to start putting together your Inktober inking kits.

Here's a video overview of my favorite fude and brushpens, to inspire you to try something new with confidence:

Here's a brushpen demonstration:

Here're some tips on inking with one of my favorite fude pens, the Sailor Mitsuo Aida:

A timelapse inking video with the Sailor Mitsuo Aida

Another timelapse inking demonstration with the Sailor Mitsuo Aida:

An inking demonstration using a Kuretake Fudegokochi, from one of my Patreon Sponsored Backer Request Livestreams:

For you traditionalists, here's a demonstration of how to ink with a brush, from last Inktober

A timelapse brush inking demonstration from last Inktober:

Here's a realistic rendition of a chinchilla, inked with a brush for Advanced Inking Techniques:

And here's a timelapse inking video of a realistic house, again inked with brush:

Make sure you check out our Reviews section for links to fude and brush pen reviews to help you find the pen that's right for you! 

Once Inktober begins, remember to share your inky darlings to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr, and make sure you tag your work with #Inktober and #Inktober2016 to participate!

You can follow my work this Inktober over on my Instagram.  Give me a poke if you'd like me to follow along with your progress too, and we can cheer each other on!


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