Some Thoughts About Being a Convention Artist

This year marks my sixth year as an artist whose primary source of artistic income comes from tabling at conventions.  I've done dozens of shows all over the country, from anime cons in the American South and Eastern Seaboard to indie cons in New Orleans, San Francisco, New York, and Bethseda, to even a handful of general comic conventions.  Over the years, I've found ways to hone my craft, upgrade my setup, and pitch my comic, but there are still things I struggle with.  Along with fellow artist Kiriska, I've helped form How to Be a Con Artist, a tumblr dedicated to teaching other artists how to table, offering encouragement, and providing insight.

It certainly hasn't all been easy, and sometimes progress is hard to see.  There are still conventions that are a struggle and I still find opportunities for growth as a convention artist.  One day, I felt particularly loquatious on Twitter, and shared some advice and insight that is applicable to many, but rarely inquired about on HTBACA.


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