Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mechacon Announcement Post

This weekend, I'll be tabling in the artist alley at Mechacon, an anime convention in my hometown of New Orleans, La.

I'm in the back at table 506, the last table in the aisle facing the doors, across from Industry Row.  This placement makes me a little nervous, because if circulation is bad, it may mean nobody comes to see me in the back there.   If you like seeing me there, and enjoy buying from me in person, or just chatting, please help make this year a standout year, and make it a point to stop by and say hi.  I have lots of really cute new things I'm debuting this year, including

Approximately 36 Brand New, Never Before Sold Sassy Buttons

I'm testing new designs, so I have one of each (save for a couple designs people notified me about wanting on Tumblr), so if you like one in particular, make sure you swing by on Friday to get it.  I'll also have plenty of the original 13 designs, all super glittery and cute, that should be available all weekend.  Sassy buttons are $4 each, or any three designs that I have for $10.

New Cosmetic/Pencil Bag Designs

I first introduced zippered bags at MTAC, but I have two new designs for Mechacon- Jem from Jem and the Holograms, and Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service.  I also have my cute cyclops, witch, and Usagi Tsukino bags for sale.


Kawaiimasks are sleep masks that feature adorable wide awake eyes.  Kaieaiimasks are $7 each.

Super Adorable Resin and Acrylic buttons and hair bows

New Steven Universe Mini Prints

Lots of super cute sticker designs

Including Steven Universe sticker packs

New Mini Watercolors

As always, my mini watercolors are originals- once sold, it's gone unless you opt to commisison a similar piece. Pieces start at $10.

Wooden Charms

My wooden charms are cherry veneer, and are available as necklaces or keychains.  Charms are $6 each, 2 for $10, or a Kara charm is free with the purchase of Volume 1 of 7" Kara. 

The Test Run Setup

Since I'm in a bad corner, I decided to utilize a little attention grabbing light!

Artist Alley Hours have also changed- they've gotten MUCH longer, and while I can't promise I'll be there the entire time, I will be at the table as long as sales are steady and I'm able to function.  Hours are:

Friday-1:00PM-11:00 PM
Saturday-10:00 AM- 11:00 PM
Sunday-10:00 AM- 5:00 PM

I'll be taking as many at con sketch commissions as possible, but I highly recommend stopping by Friday or Saturday to place yours, as Sundays tend to be me mostly filling any I couldn't finish on Saturday night.  I'll also be taking mail in commissions weekend, including Sunday.  Mail in commisisons are place order and pay at the show, and I'll mail your piece within two weeks. 

For those of you who can't make it to Mechacon this year, I have an online shop, and if you see something on here that you want that isn't in the shop, just send me an email and we'll make arrangements through Paypal.