Mini Review: Shutterfly's Printed Shopping Bags

Not so long ago, I reviewed Shutterfly's printed coffee mugs and waterbottles .  At the time, I'd also ordered some of their shopping bags, but I didn't have time to write about them until recently.  Part of the reason I held off was I wanted shots of the bags in action, and part of it was, I admit, just being busy.

I ordered 6 total bags with two designs, and they arrived neatly folded in a smallish orange Shutterfly cardstock envelope.

 The print quality on these bags is good, with the image printed directly on the bag.  It's not an iron on transfer or a sticker, nor does the print job seem likely to flake off.

The bags themselves are pretty standard shopper bags made out of nylon with reinforced seams.  For the price ($14.99), I thought these bags would be made of a nicer fabric, and when I first opened the package, I was concerned that these bags would rip if they held heavy groceries.

I'm not 100% sure what this Velcro loop is for- it doesn't attach to both sides of the bag, so it's not to hold the bag shut or attach the bag to a bike.  Any suggestions?

My lovely, if grumpy, assistant posing with two heavy-grocery laden shopping bags at Whole Foods (he's grumpy because I tricked him into holding the bags while I got a chai latte).  These bags held the groceries with no problems- no strained seams, no tears, no deformed images.  My fears were for nothing.

My Verdict:

These bags are really nice, but they're expensive.  You may want to wait until Shutterfly has a deal before ordering any.  These make great reusable grocery bags, and are a nice, branded way to carry supplies to conventions.


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