Panel Presentation: Watercolor 101

Heidi and I presented three panels at Mechacon 2014 this year:  Watercolor 101, Introduction to Alcohol Based Markers, and Introduction to the Artist Alley.  I have videos for Watercolor and Artist Alley, but my camcorder unfortunately died before our Alcohol Based Marker presentation.

This post includes the video for Watercolor 101 (recorded using my little camcorder while we presented, edited by Joseph for us), the presentation itself, and a download for the handout I wrote and Heidi designed.  This presentation is in two parts- a slideshow presentation to cover basic information and a demo portion to address questions.  The video includes both, but I've also included the slideshow because we ran through the information to fit in our 1 hour presentation time slot.  Then handout goes into greater detail regarding basics- brands, paperweights, and brushes, and can be used as a basic shopping list if you're just getting started.

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Slide Show

Download Link For Handout


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