Monday, September 22, 2014

August and September 2014 Sketch Dump

Once I caught up on finishing Mechacon commissions, I eagerly dove into penciling and painting Chapter 5 of 7" Kara and Gizmo Granny.  This year, I've spent most of my time juggling conventions and con prep, so it's rewarding to be able to get back to doing what I love most.  Of course, even though I'm painting all day, I still have to make time to keep my sketching skills sharp, and that means I have plenty of sketches to share for this month. 

Since most of these sketches were done with minimal consideration before picking up a pencil, they tend to be the subject I'm most interested in and familiar with- Kara.  The end of the month definitely turned into a 'Lilliputian Lookbook', as the seasons change here in Tennessee, I've started thinking about what Kara will wear in upcoming chapters.

A little toddler Kara inspired by the sketches from Disney's Animator Collection of dolls.

Some sketches from

A possible Christmas card illustration.

More sketches from and The Sartorialist.

This year's witchy Kara design.  Maybe I'll have time to paint it again this year.

Playing around with Pitt pens- warm grey and cool grey.

Sketches from Senshi Stock.

More sketches from Senshi Stock.

A possible title illustration for Volume 2.  It pays to start thinking about those things early.

A Magical Girl outfit for Kara based on dandelion fluffs and leaves.

Mouths reffed while reading The Epic Adventures of TJ and Anal.

Faces reffed from Simon's Facial Expressions.

Kara and her mother.

Some outdoor sketches in my little backyard.

Inspired by my friend, ByByStarlight's (C. Ellis) ability to draw reallycute kids, I drew some baby Karas.

Noodling with possible hairstyles and clothing choices for Meldina, Kara's mom.

I put together a lot of interesting outfits for Kara by browsing Pinterest.  Lot of cute kids clothes on there.

A Not 7" Kara character design for a fun thing. 
That's that for this month!  I'll be doing AWA and APE during late September and October, and painting a lot of things in my down time, so expect a couple convention reports!