Thursday, September 25, 2014

Con Announcement: Anime Weekend Atlanta

Beautifully rendered announcement illustration by Heidi Black.
Heidi and I are going to Atlanta this weekend, because we've both got tables in Anime Weekend Atlanta's Artist Alley! 

Heidi will be at A10
I will be at A09

We're right by the door, so you almost can't miss us!

Tonight I did a partial demo table (discluding my banner and many of my mini watercolors), so here's what to keep an eye out for:

This year I'll have 2 original prints (one of the little cowgirls and a Kara print) as well as my kindergarten Sailor Scout prints.  I'll have dino 4"X6" mini prints sold as a set with all 5 for $3. 

I made sure to make plenty of my popular Sassy buttons.  This new batch includes even more glitter, and lots more flowers, making them much more fancy than the last batch.

The dino mini prints were a bit of an impulse by when Shutterfly had a crazy sale.  I also have mini prints of the Sailor Scout kids if you ask.

Laminated bookmarks for those of us who still read physical books.

I'm trying out a new setup (sidewalls), so it's going to take a little finagling before I properly utilize my space.


My prints are $10 each, or all three for $25.

If you guys missed SPX and TCAF, I'm your Southern hookup for copies of Hana Doki Kira.  I'll be bringing 5 copies with me to AWA, and they're $25 each, or if you buy a copy of 7" Kara Volume 1, you can have both for $35 total.

New Mini Watercolors for AWA

A few cuties who'll be in the upcoming Smash Bros game, and Tsukimi from Princess Jellyfish. 
I hope I get to see some of you guys at AWA!  Make sure you swing by and say hi at A09!