Mechacon Panels Announcement

Hey guys, just a quick post!  Heidi Black and myself are pleased to announce that we'll be presenting three panels at Mechacon!

Artist Alley: Everything You Ever Need to Know About Tabling (and Then Some)! =Saturday at 9pm in Panel Room 3

Interested in tabling in the artist alley, but not sure where to start?  Heidi and I are here to help!  We've put our years behind the table to good use, and eagerly share our experience with artists new and not so new.  From the very basics of planning to more advanced topics like where to get your banners printed, we've got it covered.  After the presentation, we'll open the floor to Q&A!  Experienced artist alley artists and crafters are encouraged to come and share their experiences as well!

Materials and Techniques: Art Markers =Friday at 9pm in Panel Room 3

Interested in using alcohol based markers like Copics and Prismacolors, but not sure where to start?  Daunted by selection and the hefty price tag?  There's a lot to learn when it comes to alcohol based markers, and we'll try to cover the basics in this panel, from which inks are safe for alcohol markers to which papers to use.  Readers of this blog know I've scoured the internet for Copic competitors, and I'll be sharing this knowledge (and a few brands) at this panel.

We intend to demonstrate our favorite techniques at this panel and plan to bring materials for the attendees to practice with.

Materials and Techniques: Watercolors =Friday at 6pm in Panel Room 3

Watercolors can be a rich, rewarding medium that yields satisfying results, but many artists are daunted by the idea of teaching themselves.  This panel is an introduction to the art of watercolor, covering basics like paper selection, brush choices, and watercolor brands during the presentation, and topics like stretching paper, applying washes, and several techniques during the demonstration portion.  Time permitting, we'll open up the panel to Q&A and will hopefully have materials for the audience to experiment with.

We hope to see you there, and would love to know in advance if you plan on attending, so we can make sure we have enough materials for all attendees.


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