June and July 2014 Sketchdump

It's been an embarrassingly long time since I've done an art dump, and I'm sure it seems like conventions have me way too busy to do much personal drawing.  It is true that I haven't been drawing as much as I used to (shame on me!), but I have been doing some doodling, although a lot of my drawing thought power is dedicated to working on Chapter 5 of 7" Kara, doing rough thumbnails for Gizmo Granny, or finishing mail-in convention commissions.

General Kara dollhouse item concepts:

A Mother's Day sketch.

I did a little likeness exercise using my collection of Jun Planning's Ai Dolls as reference.  Many of these dolls share the same face mould, so I tried to change minor things to give them more distinct faces without departing too far from the reference.  The sketch and inks were in my sketchbook, and I taped a sheet of translucent Copic PM Pad to do the Copic rendering.  It holds ink better than tracing paper, but you'll quickly lose your lines of the colors you apply are too dark.

Feeling uninspired, I found a couple outfit memes on Tumblr and used them with Kara, hence the questionable outfit choices.

Kara exhibiting some survival skills- predicting hours til sunset using her handwidth.  Probably a useful skill for a tiny person with a lot of ground to cover.

More outfits from the memes.

Swimwear and winterwear.

testing out Tombow watercolor pens.

Concept for how Lilliputians might get cleaned up.

Some rough thumbs for the cover of Chapter 5.
A few expressions.  I REALLY like 'caught in a lie'.  Maybe it'll see some use next chapter...

A gesture doodle I really like.  I uh, didn't want to lose the lines by drawing in clothes, so I scanned it and I'll probably draw an outfit on her later on.  Maybe this'll be a watercolor!

While Heidi and I were in Louisiana for LouisiANIME, my mom took us on an airboat tour.  While out there, we saw HUGE swathes of waterlillies and lotuses.  Sorta felt inspired by how surreal that felt.

American magical girl concept.
A little Kara bonding with her dad, inspired by events in Chapter 5.

Lots of baby Kara doodles.

Ink Test

From top left: Satomi Ikezawa, Olympus Overdrive, Crayon Shinchan, Majika Madoka (anime), Pokemon, Magika Madoka (manga)


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