Kara Digital Inking Test

Somewhat recently, I came into possession of a large format Intuos 5.  I'd been happily using the smallest Intuos 4 for years, although my use of it became increasingly rare as I moved away from doing personal work digitally and freelance work started to dry up.  So while I was excited about the newer, larger, tablet, I didn't really think it'd see a whole lot of use.

One of the 'chores' I'd always hated was digital inking.  With my small tablet, inking was time consuming- it was difficult to pull long lines well when all my movements came from my fingers, not my wrist or arm.  The larger tablet allows for larger movements, which means inking is a lot more natural now.

This started as just an inking test, but ended up getting colored.  Those of you who see me at cons may recognize it as the ad image for 7" Kara on my display.


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