Monday, June 09, 2014

LouisiANIME Convention Announcement

Doesn't it seem like I JUST announced a con)?  If you can't make it to Hamacon, and you're in the Lafayette, Louisiana area, hopefully you can make it to LouisiANIME.

Even though I'm a Louisiana native, this is my first year actually tabling at LouisiANIME, but considering how good Mechacon and my fellow natives have been to me in the past, I'm really excited to add another Louisiana convention to my list.  I'm even MORE excited about the panels Heidi and I will be presenting, because I know what art education in Louisiana is often like, especially if you aren't in talented art or attend a special school for it.  I ALSO know what the general sentiment towards art, especially commercial art, is like in Louisiana (hint:  it's a huge part of why I left), and I want these kids to know that there are other options available.

The panels we'll be running (which aren't yet on the Panels page, d'oh!) are:

  • Artist Alley 101 (similar to the panel we'll be running at Hamacon, but hopefully even better)
  • Introduction to Watercolor
  • Introduction to Self Publishing

I don't have times or dates yet, but I'll let you guys know as soon as I do.

Heidi and I each have our own tables for LouisiANIME, and won't be closing our tables during our panel presentations, since we SHOULD have some help (unless LouisiANIME staff disregarded my requested times and booked us on Saturday, when we won't have help), so even if you aren't interested in sitting through hour and a half long panels, you can still get your fix.  LousiANIME hasn't listed a panel map yet, so I can't tell you where I'll be, but if you look for the Nattosoup logo, you'll surely find me!

I'll be offering convention favorites such as

  • Sailor Scout Ribbon badges (freshly restocked too!)
  • Buttons (1.5", in either regular or 'fancy'.  2.5" glitter buttons decked out with rhinestones and ribbons)
  • Stickers 
  • Charms (available three ways- as necklaces, cellphone charms, and keychains)
  • Volume 1 of 7" Kara
  • Ready-to-go mini watercolors
  • $5 sketch commissions
  • Mini watercolor commissions

Since my mini watercolor commissions are so popular, I'm opening up pre-orders.  I'll be in Louisiana the week before LouisiANIME (driving straight there from Hamacon in Huntsville), so I'll be working on pre-orders from LouisiANIME then.  By pre-ordering, you insure that your watercolor commission will be ready and waiting for you in the Artist Alley all weekend long, for you to pick up whenever you like. If you're interested in preordering, just send me an email including a description of what you want and any necessary reference, and I'll let you know which Paypal to send the money to.  If you don't want to pre-order, that's fine too, since I'll be offering watercolor commissions on Friday and Saturday.  On Sunday, I'll be taking money for mail-in commissions, but I won't be able to complete any watercolor commissions at the con on Sunday.