Hamacon Convention Announcement

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Hey guys!  Heidi and I are going to be at Hamacon June 6th-8th in Huntsville, Alabama.  Not only do we each have our own table full of goodies including comics, commissions, charms, and prints, but we'll be hosting THREE amazing panels this year!  Our amiga, Alex Hoffmann, has kindly volunteered to table sit while we're at the panels, so even if you decide panels aren't your thing, you can still get your fix.

The panels we'll be presenting are:

Intro to the Artist Alley (by very much popular demand!): Saturday, 9:00PM
Materials and Techniques 1: Sunday, 1:30PM (Focuses on sketching techniques)
Materials and Techniques 2 Sunday, 3:00 PM (Focuses on finishing techniques, like inking, watercolor, Copic)

What I'll be Selling

As always, I'll be offering all sorts of goodies including copies of 7" Kara, Volume 1 (just the book is $15, the combo is $20 and includes an in-book sketch), buttons, charms, and commissions. Due to high demand, I'll be closing commissions on Saturday evening, since I'll be away from the table for much of Sunday due to panels.  I'm offering commission pre-orders for those who'd like to make sure their commission is ready and waiting for them.

Convention Watercolor Pre-Order Prices

So at Hamacon, I'll have:
  • 7" Kara Volume 1
  • A variety of stickers
  • Charms
  • Lots of buttons including fancy (fairy, lollipop, snowcone), regular (just a buck each!) and big (2.5" and full of glitter, rhinestones, and ribbons)
  • Watercolor commissions
  • $5 sketch commissions (slots fill up fast, so swing by Friday to make sure you can get yours)
  • Ready-to-go mini watercolors
If you're in the area, you should come by and say hi!  I'd post our placement on the Artist Alley map, but that hasn't been released yet.


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