Tuesday, May 06, 2014

River City Comic Expo Con Announcement

Hey guys!  This upcoming weekend, I'll be doing River City Comic Expo , a one day charity convention held in the Mid-City Mall, in Louisville, Kentucky.  Admission to the public is free, and I'll be located at table 26.  I'll have copies of 7" Kara volume 1, I'll be debuting a brand-new alcohol marker comparison book put together by Joseph Coco and myself, and I'll also have the usual batch of stickers, charms, and buttons.  I'll be doing as many $5 sketches as I possibly can, but I'll also be taking mail-in orders for sketches and mini watercolor commissions.  If you're planning on attending, I'm available for pre-order sketches and mini watercolors at no additional costs, just shoot me an email with what you have in mind (and any necessary reference), and I'll reply with the address to send the money to.  On Saturday, May 10th, your commission will be ready for pickup at my table.

The New Marker Book

20 pages
full color, photo quality

This run got a bit messed up (the proof shows the correct cover, but they missized it for printing) so instead of the $5 I planned on charging, this book'll be on sale for $3.  It's a handy pocket guide of all the marker tests I've done up to this point.

(Ah yes, the ugly image rotation rears it's head yet again!)

If you're in the area, I'd really appreciate it if you could make it out, since the convention is free to attend and the money already collected has gone to a good cause.  The money I'll make will also be going to a good cause- keeping me housed with the lights on and my bills paid.

When: Saturday, May 10th
Where: Mid-City Mall,
1250 Bardstown Rd #5 Louisville, KY 40204
(502) 636-2963
Bardstown Road, Louiville, KY
Admission: Free to the public
Proceeds from exhibitors goes to Fund for the Eyes

Exhibitor List

From the Facebook page

Note: Table 1 is facing the Baxter Side entrance; Table 42 is on the opposite end near Family Dollar
The even numbers are on the library side; The odd numbers are on the theatre side
1. SWAG/Freebie table
3. Braille table
2. Comic Related
5. Silent Auction
4. Derby City
7. Silent Auction
6. Brant Fowler
9. Kyle Hutchins
8. Corn Island
11. Studio LTD
10. Julie Conrad
13. Corey Adams
12. Chris Keller
15. Pinwheel Press
 14. Victor Dandridge
17. Charleen Brinson
16. Ren McKinzie
19. Rick McGee
18. Dustin Carson
21. Studio Hubris
20. Eric Adams
23. World Tree
22. C.E. Martin
25. Chroma Entertainment
24. My Vintage Toys
27. Destination 1
26. Becca Hillburn
29. Destination 2
28. Heidi Black
31. Blue Line 1
30. Riotface
33. Blue Line 2
32. LizBeth Paschall
35. Rodney Fike
34. Buzy Miss Lizzy
37. Old World
 36. Yatta Creations
39. Ringtail 1
38. Halloween Queen 1
41. Ringtail 2
40. Halloween Queen 2
42. UVN