Wednesday, May 14, 2014

MoCCA-Fest 2014 Artist Interviews

During MoCCA-fest this year, Joseph continued his three-year tradition of interviewing artists.  I mentioned in my recent MoCCA-Fest recap that I'd be posting select interviews here.

The playlist, which includes all artists that Joseph interviewed is located here.  He interviewed 21 artists this year, which meant a lot of hours editing on his part.  After all that editing, he uploaded the videos to the Nattosoup youtube channel, wrote descriptions that credited each artist, and contacted them via at least one form of social network, and usually also email.  I bring this up because Joseph puts a lot of effort into the videos, and sometimes the artists don't even bother to share the interview with their social network, which is a shame.

The intent behind these interviews was to broaden the interviewed artist's social of influence by at least a little.  Even if an artist who was interviewed is entirely new to the scene, they'd at least get a little exposure from my blog.  The idea was that if artists shared the playlist, then other artists on the list would benefit from that potential exposure.

Therefore, if you enjoyed these videos, please consider sharing them yourself.