Late April- May 2014 Sketchdump

I'm pretty dang fond of that fake watercolor in the sketchbook technique aren't I?  It's a lot of fun though!  If you guys are interested, I could easily show you here, but it's a bit shameful to do a tutorial on it, because it is ridiculously easy, and a great way to practice value studies.

Oh hey look, it's some concept for Chapter 5 of 7" Kara.  I wonder who these nerds are.

And a baby Naomi.

More chapter 5 concept. 

I was feeling cranky, so I drew some cranky Kara's. 

Cute mod girl from reference.

More chapter 5 concept.

More chapter 5 concept.

Cutie clothes for Kara.  She'll get to wear them someday.

Style Tests:

From top left: Aoi Haru Ride, Samurai Champloo, Rainbow Brite, Sailor Moon, Blind Springs, Amanda Lafrenais.

Strangely Katie (Princess Princess), One Piece, Harvest Moon, Shiagenori Soejima (Persona series), Ghibli's B style


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