Friday, May 10, 2013

SCAD Mini Comics Expo (2013)

The SCAD Mini Comics Expo is an opportunity for the students in the Mini Comics, Self Publishing, and Self Promotion classes to produce mini comics, gain convention experience, and exchange comics in a friendly, low stress setting.  The Mini Comics Expo is one day event, open to the public, and is similar to mini comic conventions like Fluke.  The majority of the wares sold at this Expo will be hand made, and you can expect to see lots of garage print comics.

In the past, tables mainly available to students in those three classes, but lately it's been open to interested students and alumni.  This Saturday's Mini Comics Expo will be my third, and possibly my last, as my time at SCAD draws to a close.

This mini con is this Saturday, May 11, in the Norris Hall Courtyard (548 East Broughton St), and lasts from 1p.m. til 4p.m.  It's open to the public, and this year it's all ages, so there will be plenty of family friendly comics.  It occurs right after the group portfolio reviews end on Editor's Day weekend, so that means there may be some comic editors wandering around.

Heidi and I usually use this opportunity to test out new products, and we have a few exciting things to add to our table this year.  They are:

 Hand made snow ball/cone buttons made using my button press.

Freshly pressed ice cream cone buttons. 

Limited edition 7" Kara charms,  freshly baked in Heidi's oven.  These charms are triple charms, featuring three shrink film charms- a 2" Kara, either a roll of paperbark with charcoal OR a blackberry and flower, and a pencil.   

A special edition of the Friendly Book of Monsters, slightly edited to make it kid-safe, and now featuring a beautiful hand printed linoleum print cover and stab binding.

And a small sampling of the baked goods we've been preparing.  Mini cupcakes for a mini comics expo, in a variety of flavors!  Strawberry, coconut, chocolate peanut butter, M&M, vanilla, spice cake, strawberry (with fresh strawberries inside!), and homemade funfetti.  Each of these cuties was mixed from Heidi's secret cupcake recipe and feature homemade icing in a variety of tasty flavors including chocolate, vanilla, and peanut butter.

We hope to see you Saturday!