Using a Filing Box for Convention Organization

I'm always on the lookout for ways to improve my convention table, and for the past year, as my wares increased, I became aware of just how badly I needed to upgrade my under-the-table organization.  I stored my comics in flat plastic boxes, great for flying and stacking, but not so fantastic for ease of access or organization.  I needed a system that would travel well, but be easy to sift through quickly beneath a convention table.

While at Office Max, waiting for mini comics to be printed, I found these sturdy plastic file boxes.  They're available in a variety of brands and price points, but share some basic qualities- there's a an interior ledge for hanging file folders.  Mine came with a little plastic project box as well, and a handle.  The only thing I would change is the addition of a lock.

Along with my file box, I purchased a hanging zipper bag, an interior shelf (not pictured), and some plastic file folders.  All of this probably ran me around $30, with my biggest expense being the little shelf.

I labeled my folders for easy access- 7" Kara Chapter 1, 7" Kara Chapter 2, 2013 Sketchbook and When I Was 13 (as half page sized minis, they can both fit in one folder easily), Paperdolls, Commissions, Con Miscellaneous.  Within the Commissions folder are examples of past convention examples, my sign, and commission paper.  Within Con Miscellaneous is a small zipper pouch for receipts, and it's the perfect place to store convention programs, extra badges, lanyards, or rulebooks.

The 'project box' that came with my file box is a thin plastic latching box.  Inside are promotional postcards, business cards, small envelopes, and doilies.

Inside my hanging bag is a calculator, extra clips, my money folder, and my inventory logbook.

In order to keep my prints nice, they're sorted into two plastic folders within the file folder- watercolor prints and black and white prints.

I haven't flown with this box yet, and it's a bit heavy to carry by hand, but I'm sure it will fit nicely in my large rolly suitcase.  Not everything fits inside- my tablecloth, signage, and display materials are all too large to fit, but I think I could get most of those squared away in one of my leftover plastic flat convention boxes.

So how do you guys store and organize your convention stuff?  Have you found a better system?  Tell me about it in the comments!


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