Wednesday, May 01, 2013

March and April Sketch Dump

March and April were busy months for me- preparing for and attending MoCCA, returning to New Orleans to take care of taxes and business, and now preparations for Editor's Day have begun.  Even though I spent most of March sitting Indian-style painting comic pages, I still found time to do some doodling.

Some of these may look familiar to you guys- a few of the monsters were later inked and used in this year's Little Book of Monsters- The Friendly Book of Monsters, which debuted at MoCCA.

I decided to participate in 90's Anime Week this year, with a little Slayers fanart doodle.  Slayers was the epitome of 90's anime for me- big hair, pointless armor, smart alec-y girls.  Slayers was the first anime I watched that wasn't on Toonami.

During March, I also did some fanart for my webcomic artist friends.
Mela, from Cassie Friere's Catnip Circle

Robert Blake's foxy lady, and Emi's Teneko

Invisible Paperclip isn't a webcomic, but it is a fantastic blog about art, illustration, and supplies.
EEP~!   I just realized I'm missing two- Pat Lapierre's and Eric Lide's!  I'm going to have to go through my folders to try and find them.  If you purchased this year's sketchbook, they are in there.

To the left, Owen MacRae's Phoebe
A couple more monsters girls- a djinn and a scenester skeleton.

An awful self portrait.

Kara drawn in a more shonen style.

And being schoolgirlish.

More traditionalist Lilliputians, living far from humans, and living primarily off the land.

In the past, I've had a hard time drawing Kara as a a child, but I think I'm getting a better feel for it.

Some triple charm designs.

And a Kara button design.

An in-joke and a 50's girl.