May Deboxing: Art Snacks, Box 2

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About a month ago, I received my first Art Snacks subscription box in the mail, and disemboweled it for my audience's reading pleasure.  At the time, I was a bit disappointed by the selection (although quite impressed by the presentation) and outlined a few things I'd like to see from Art Snacks in the future.  For the purposes of review (and my own curiosity), I've decided to maintain at least three months' worth of Art Snacks subscriptions, before I really decide on my thoughts regarding the service.

About a week ago, my May Art Snacks box arrived, but I didn't have time to write up the review as I was preparing for Editor's Day.  Now that I have a little breathing room, I thought I'd go ahead and share it.

Art Snacks presentation has remained unchanged, which I say is a tic in their favor.  This month's treat was a Twizzler, and I put this month's sticker on my sketchbook.  It seems to be a vinyl sticker, perfect for attaching to your car, binders, or any surface that sees a lot of wear and tear.

I felt like this month's haul was quite a step up from  last month's.  I wasn't particularly impressed by the plastic palette knife nor the paint (I'm not an acrylic painter), but I was impressed by the conte pencil, the mechanical pencil (with the thoughtful inclusion of lead as well as spare erasers), and even the Micron.  To be honest, I'm quite biased, as I'd love to see a supply subscription service aimed specifically at illustrators and comic artists.

The Art Snacks blog could serve as an excellent place to address some of the suggestions I made in my last review:

Also useful would be an area on the site where users could submit what they've done with the materials, and perhaps a user gallery. Submitted tutorials listing which Art Snacks materials used would also be neat, and would help subscribers who aren't familiar with the materials become familiar with them quickly. Another neat feature would be interviews with professional artists to find out what they use, include one 'recommended item' per box, and maybe a small demo or tutorial of the artist working with that material.
I realize that one of the best ways to ensure that some of these suggestions see fruition would be to make contributions of my own, which is why I'm also not taking the lack of such features too seriously.  In the future, when I have more free time, I'd love to test some of these supplies at length and come up with alternative uses for them.


  1. Hm! Pretty impressed with the inclusion of the Kuru Toga, though after several months of using mine, I've concluded that it's a pencil better suited for an engineer or a writer and not an artist because, at least for me, the way I sketch with it means that the rotating mechanism in the pencil isn't triggered very frequently and the lead still gets filed down at a sharp angle. Still, as a pretty specialized pencil, I'm pleased to see it here, especially since that palette knife makes me scooooffffff.


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