Friday, May 18, 2012

When I was 13, Continued

So, dedicated Keep On Truckin' Nattosoup readers will remember that I posted a couple pages of a short autobio comic "When I was 13" way back in November.  I'd abandoned it for other projects for months, and I decided that I wanted to finish it for this Editor's Day.  Unfortunately, the skill gap between when I left off and now is rather wide, but I'm glad I finished off the project.

For your convienance, I will post the comic in it's entirety.  I'll leave it to you to guess when I'd left off.

Something I've been mulling over for awhile is doing a spot black comic that uses greytone instead of so much textural noise.  I've avoided it for awhile because I know that I would use it as a crutch to indicate mood and lighting, but I'll be taking John Lowe's inking class next semester (where I will level up for sure), so now might be the time to introduce greyscale in shorter works.  Ideally, my next short comic project will utilize greyscale so I can better decide.  I've seen it very successfully used in works like King City and Friends With Boys, but I've also seen it used (less successfully, in my opinion) in super slick comics that want to avoid utilizing texture (possibly because it creates a gritty visual affect, which would ruin the super slick inks).  Greyscale, when utilized well, can also push things into the background, foreground, and create focus, all things I had hoped to be able to do using just high contrast black and white, but struggle with if not outright fail at.   Honestly, my goal is to make the best comics I can given the ability I have, and while I should continue to improve my black usage, I should also utilize available tools to improve my work the way it is now.  Even if that means compensating.