Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Late May Art Dump- New Digitization Method Used-Photography

Trying a new method of image digitization- instead of scanning, we're photographing the sketchbook with a DSLR camera. I'm not actually a big fan of it right now, but I'll keep fiddling with it. It takes awhile to get good fidelity.

Hey, it's that werewolf girl I posted earlier. Inked version here

A few style studies and a referenced sketch.

Gesture studies.

A monster generator girl.

I filled in as the graduate in charge of the figure drawing session, so I took advantage of the situation.

It's been awhile since I've drawn a figure from life. I need to make it a priority to attend more figure drawing sessions.

Concept for an illustration.

Sorry this is blurry :/

Character designs for the end of the first When I was 13.

Sartorial sketches.

Redesigns for When I was 13, based on the critique from three editors that my work is too anime.

So this new method of digitization has got to go. There is an unacceptable number of blurry, unfocused sketches in this artdump, many so blurry that if I wanted to take these pieces to the next step, I would have to redigitize.

In effort of being fair, Joseph (the photographer) has requested that I mention that he did not check the images to see if they were blurry at the time they were photographed. All photography was done inside (it was evening) using the terrible lighting in my apartment and a natural light lamp. The photos were taken with a Rebel E05 DSLR with a 2.8F 50 mmL lens (he thinks it's a Sigma), and without a tripod. While this method is faster than scanning, it's far less reliable for image fidelity, and I'll have to scan several sketches if I want to take them to inks. I find the loss of detail to be not worth the saving in time. I intend to continue experimenting with this method of digitization, as I think that GOOD photo quality would be an excellent solution for hard-to-digitize mediums such as watercolor.