Fude Pen Showdown

I've pitted tech pen against tech pen, and brush pen versus brush pen to help you guys choose the right one for your needs, and I've finally done a fude pen review.  As in the tech pen review, I have tested each fude pen on  Strathmore Plate finish Bristol board (500 grade), and am testing visual ink quality, ease in inking, mushiness in tip, and water and Copic fastness.  I shall present you with the contenders first, and then with the results.

The Contenders

Note:  All of these fude pens were procured via Jetpens, although this is in no way a sponsored post.  My selection methods were pretty simple.  1.  Is it a fude pen?  2. Is it black? 3.Is it fairly cheap?  If I have missed anything, feel free to email me for my mailing address so you can send me the missing pen to test.

Above:  Kuretake Fudegokochi Pen

I can't read kanji to save my life, and I don't know Japanese either, so the name of this brush is lost on me.  I don't even know if it's available on Jetpens, I bought it from Sekaido in Tokyo.

Above: Pilot's fude brush

Above:  Peppy Sign (it's more like a marker than a fude pen.  The tip has zero give)

This brush is also made by Kuretake, but its not the fudegokochi

This fude pen was made by Sailor.
 Unfortunately, it seems that a few of the pictures I took documenting these pens have gone missing, and I have since passed the pens on to someone else who wanted to test them.  My apologies.  The missing pen was a Zig Clean Color Real Brush.

So, here's Jetpen's official photo, so you're not missing out on the experience:

Image via Jetpens

Another Kuretake fude brush.

Dual sided brush made by Kuretake.

Stabilio Fineliner (technically a techpen)

And Pentel Hybrid Techniks.  I tested the .4 against my HiTek .4.  Still prefer the HiTek

The Results: 

Note:  Click for big

In case you're curious, my favorite is the Kuretake Fudegokochi.


  1. I didn't even know the term fude pen until this post made me want to look it up. I feel uneducated^_^


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