Friday, April 27, 2012

MoCCA Fest

Hey guys!  This weekend, I'll be at MoCCAFest, in New York.  This afternoon, I hop on a plane, fly across the Mason-Dixon, and leave the land of Dixie to sell minicomics, charms, and more at table E6.  I'll be sharing this table with the fantastic Mr Eric Lide, who's work is as shonen as mine is shoujo, so I'm sure you'll find something to enjoy at our table.

 Feel free to print out this map, so you can locate our table as quickly as possible in order to give us all your money in return for all our comics.  It folds to a handy pocket size.

In case you don't believe me that my wares are fabulous, I have taken some teaser photos to entice you to hand over your hard won cash.

For three entire dollars, you can take home my 2011-2012 sketchbook, with over 40 pages of artwork!  There's concept work, sketches, inkwork, and even a color section.

Also for three bucks is the first artbook released by Rascals Rogues and Dames! 

Monster contributions  came from Heidi Black, Sarah Benkin, and myself.

For a single  dollar is a reprint of Ahoy!, a minicomic about a  vacationing schoolboy who becomes captain of a pirate ship.

For two bucks is the Momotaro, complete with a kraft paper cover.

Also for $2.00 is my mini comic anthology.

For an entire dollar, you can take home my Japan sketchbook.

Also for a dollar is one of the cutest mini mini comics you've ever seen.

I have five new charm designs- cupcake, cake, octopus, cherries, and pizza, plus existing charm designs (ramen and pot, ramune, rocketpops, macaron), at 2.50 each.
So many new chiyogami buttons, but I forgot to take a picture, so you'll have to come by and see!  This year's designs really sparkle.

I've also got sets- a charm, this year's sketchbook, LAST year's sketchbook (only way it's available this year!), the Japan sketchbook, and a copy of Ahoy! for $7 all neatly packaged for your con-vienance.

Oh, and just one more thing:

The secret project I've been hinting at all over my Twitter for months!

And for those of you who like free things and GAMES, Rascals Rogues and Dames has put together a MoCCA convention bingo card, and we'll be giving away two levels of prizes- a prize for a normal bingo and a super prize for a blackout bingo.  Sarah Benkin and Heidi Black will be at E15 (just further down the aisle), so please visit them too.  We even have free stickers, so make sure you pick yours up.

I can't wait to see you guys tomorrow, but if I don't, these things will be available in both my upcoming Etsy store and on my site's store.  Come by our table and say hi!