Productivity on the Road: Pixlr

Why, back in my day, if you wanted to make a pretty picture on the interwebs, you used your mouse and Oekaki, if you were LUCKY.  If you were UNLUCKY, you did it in Paint.  These days, Paint's become a lot more powerful, and inbrowser image editing tools are pretty impressive as well.  For this Productivity on the Road, I'll be exploring Pixlr, a fantastic image editing in browser applet that feels like a stripped down Photoshop (in a good way).

Images always speak louder than words, so on to the screenshots:

I went with door number one, "Open Photo Editor".

Let's start with 'Create a new image'

This is the brush tool, drawn in with a mouse

You can add layers, and the layout and menu are a lot like Photoshop, so there's pretty much no learning curve if you're familiar with PS.

The color picker has a lot of options available.

This was drawn with the pencil tool.  The pencil tool makes a strange mark when it hits an intersection.

Exploring menus.

Exploring the save options.

Opening an existing image on the computer.

I can have multiple images open at one time.

This is the "Sepia" option.

Playing with filters.  This is pixellate.

Testing the magic wand tool.

Native brush options.

Additional brush options.

Unfortunately, Pixlr does not recognize pressure sensitivity on tablets, and responds to tablet usage like it would respond to a mouse.  However, you can vary your stroke width with speed- fast strokes give you a more sketchy line, slow strokes a more polished line.


  1. This can be used on the iphone it seems hahaha. Daz crazy. Is this free? is it better than Photoshop 7? I was given that in highschool and never upgraded. if its better I might as well get it!

  2. I use Pixlr express to edit my photos. I love it!


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