My Current Workspace

I tend to work at one of three places- in the computer nook, where my desktop computer is, on a lapboard in the living room, or at my drafting table.  Although it was be more picturesque if I utilized the drafting table like a good little comic artist, I'm more likely to be perched in front of Netflix with my lapboard and Copics, or nestled in the cool glow of the computer screen, browsing blogs and Something Awful while inking comics.  Neither of those set-ups are near optimal, and they aren't recommended to other artists, but both allow me to plug away an entire day doing comics and illustrations.  Here's a little tour of my current workspace, the computer nook.

It's really very messy, and the flash does me no kindnesses.  The larger monitor is brand new, covering up my often utilized corkboard of Post-It note goals.  That'll have to be moved, since I actually do use it.  The tiny fan is extremely necessary, as this little nook has receives the benefit of no AC and the computer warms this cubicle up fast.  The mess of wires ought to be organized, but as I am a master of living in chaos, they don't bother me that much.  When working on larger projects, I'll use the lapboard on the floor propped up against the desk's edge.

I'd love to have an inspiration board like other artists, but I hate wasting printer ink printing out images, so I usually just save things to my desktop, never to be seen again.  Not pictured is my cat, Bowie, who is laying across my typing arms at the moment.

To the right of my computer, awesome plastic storage drawers filled with office supplies such as envelopes, padded mailing envelopes, and pens.  On top, a scanner, comic-craft books I'm reading, and two sketchbooks.  

To the left, more office supplies- a huge stock of Post-It notes, my camera, my pencil pouch and inking pouch, and a document viewer should I ever get my act together enough to start streaming again.  Also, work in progress art, kept out of cat's way.

So this is where the magic is currently happening, my little creative corner of the world.


  1. Your workspace is not that different from mine, it's even arranged in a similar right-hand arrangement with the smaller monitor on the right, scanner on the right, etc. Though right now the smaller acts as a TV when I'm not doing work needing two monitors.

  2. Looks like my old space, lol. I recently got a space at Regus, it's nice.

  3. I love seeing Artist's work spaces. :3 Nice job on showing how you really work. :D I know some artists clean up everything and show their rooms after it's all clean but you don't really know that the mess indicates how into your work you really are. I don't think your space is even that messy. lol Mine is pretty piled up. I'm hoping that if my sister moves out I'll have the whole room to myself. *wishes*


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