Notes on Hourly Comic Day 2020

Notes on Hourly Comics:

  • Gives structure to my day- it forces me into a routine, which is both great for ADHD and not so great for my usual work methods
  • I'm guilty of doing more 'fun' things on Hourly Comic Day so I have something interesting to draw
  • Also very distracting- it's weird to stop work every hour to quickly draw more work- it's not like it's a real break.
  • Makes it obvious that my schedule is WEIRD.
  • Try to keep it simple and sketchy so I can at least get other work done- it seems like some folks literally dedicate their day to making attractive Hourly Comics, but I draw too slow for that
  • Nice to break up my normal routine of very polished comics with a lot of process and steps to just sketch autobio
  • Try to work in a different format- color pencil, in the sketchbook, super sketchy

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