Hourly Comic Day 2016

On the first day of February, comic artists make time to draw a comic for every hour of the day, depicting that hour's activity.  The intention isn't to produce a polished comic- although many artists do just that.  The intention is just to produce a panel for every hour you're awake, and for many artists, myself included, that panel is pretty rough, as we're trying to juggle other obligations.  You can find out more information about the event here.

I've participated in Hourly Comic Day for the past three years, but I'm sometimes remiss in sharing the resulting comics.  Last year, I participated in Hourly Comic Day, but opted not to share them here as they were available on my Tumblr.  If you're interested in those comics, you can click here, or purchase my upcoming mini comic that compiles three years of Hourly Comic Day Comics, available in my store as a physical copy, or through my Gumroad as a PDF.

Read the rest of my hourly comics below the cut!

Hourly Comic Day can be extremely distracting for me- I spend the whole hour waiting for the next time I have to stop what I'm doing to draw a panel.  I've tried to mitigate that as much as possible- I set alarms so I'll know when I need to stop and draw, I draw in black color pencil to remove the need to spend excessive time trying to draw an attractive panel, I shuffle my schedule to accomodate frequent stops.


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