Monday, November 19, 2018

Mermay Merbaes

Why yes, I know it's November, NOT May. These were initially sketched during Mermay, inked during June, and scanned in November.  What's the reason for this belated erase and scan-athon?  I want to compile my little merbabies into a zine!

Eventually, I want to watercolor each and every one.  Some of my Artnerds have requested these as coloring sheets, so once I have these cleaned up in black and white, I'm going to make that available through Gumroad and on my Patreon.

These mermaids are all based on freshwater aquarium animals- mostly fish, but there's a few amphibabes in the mix too!

Materials Used:
Non Photo Blue Printed Bluelines


Sunset Platy

Borgras Bigittae

Neon tetra

Black Molly

Beta Fish

Bala Shark

Red Minion Longfin Serpae Tetra

Cherry Barb

Fancy Guppy

Nothobrachius Killifish


Red Tailed Shark



American Bullfrog Tadpole

Fire Bellied Newt

These were inked traditionally, and if you're looking to relax, I highly suggest watching the timelapse videos for these!

Day 1: Goldfish

Day 2: Sunset Platy:

Day 3: Boraras Brigittae:

Day 6: Beta Fish:

Day 7: Bala Shark:

Day 8: Red Minion Longfin Serpae Tetra:

Day 9: Cherry Barb:

Day 10: Fancy Guppy:

Day 11: Killifish:

Day 12: Mosquitofish:

For more inking timelapses, tutorials, and demonstrations, please check out my Youtube Channel!

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