2018 Gratitudes

I believe it's important to occasionally take stock and show gratitude for the gifts we've been given, and the kindnesses others have shown us.  Thanksgiving can be a great time to do this, but unfortunately for those of us who suffer from SAD, it can be difficult to see the silver lining when the grey clouds of winter have closed in.  So I'm going to keep my list of gratitudes short but sweet- these are all things I'm intensely grateful for this year.

This Year, I'm Grateful For: 

Nashville Community Ed allowing me the opportunity to teach a comics class in the Nashville area.  And then allowing me ANOTHER opportunity starting in January.  It's a pleasure to hone my comic teaching skills, and it's wonderful to be allowed the room to continue to learn and develop these skills, and I hope I'm able to inspire an appreciation of comics in my students.

My mom's support, particularly her teaching advice.  Without her wisdom and experience, my first year teaching adults would be even more difficult and confusing.

Joseph's support, particularly when it comes to helping out at conventions, but also for just letting me vent constantly. 

My younger brother discovering a love of volunteer firefighting, as it's opened doors for him and given him a passion for helping others.

Customers who are interested in, and excited by, my comic work.  Their interest fires me up to continue work on 7" Kara, and to hurry to get Volume 2 out.

My wonderful Artnerds. Their support and encouragement are the inspiration and motivation for me to continue my art education work online.

Librarians who are willing to give me an opportunity to teach comics to their patrons.

Small library comic conventions filled with patrons who genuinely love books and are legitimately interested in comics, particularly comics for kids.

ALAAC and the opportunities that came from tabling at ALAAC.

Friends and family who check in to see how I'm doing, who share a laugh when levity is needed, and provide a shoulder to cry on when times are tough.


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