Thursday, August 02, 2018

Nashville Community Education Comic Course

This Saturday, I'm going to be outside the Cohn School, under my big blue tent, singing the gospel of comics and comic craft to all who will listen.  This is because Nashville Community Education is hosting an Open House for all of their community ed instructors, as an opportunity for potential students to get a feel for the instructors and classes.

You can register at the Open House, or online (after August 4th) at

The Open House will be held just outside the Cohn School (where many of the community ed classes will be taking place)- just look for the tents! 

The Address:
4805 Park Ave, Nashville, TN 37209

If you've always wanted to take a comics course and live in the Nashville area, this is a great opportunity for you!

"Learn how to create mini-comics, zines, and how to plan and plot a long form comic!  In this class, we're going to cover the basics of comic construction, go over planning and scripting, and cover basic drawing techniques and skills to help students feel confident in making comics.  Once the basics are down, we're going to talk about those finishing touches- inking your comic, coloring your comic, scanning it, and creating a mini or zine to exchange with other artists.  No drawing skills necessary, just an interest in comics or sequential storytelling!  Class will end the semester with a zine/minicomic exchange."

October 25th- December 6th
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:00PM-8:00PM
Held at the Cohn School

I'm so excited for this opportunity because it will be the first time I've led a multi-class course on comic-craft to a live audience.  All materials will be provided by Nashville Community Education, and I plan on creating supplemental materials to augment the class and help students continue their studies even after our time together.

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