Want to Collaborate in 2018?

I'm Looking for Youtube Creators to Collaborate with!

Art?  Music?  Dance?  Games?  So long as you create and express yourself, I'm interested in collaborating!  I really want to expand my horizons in 2018, and working with other creators is a great way to do that!  If you have a Youtube channel (or stream regularly on services such as Picarto or Twitch) I'm interested in working with you!

Some Stats About Me:
  • Channel: youtube.com/nattosoup
  • Updates 3x a week, often more frequently
  • Just shy of 4k subscribers
  • Promotes to Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and Pinterest
  • Patrons get Early Access to Videos
  • Content is often featured on the sister art tutorial/art supply review blog
  • Primarily work in traditional medium and comics- watercolor, waterbased and alcohol marker
  • Channel focuses on art supply reviews and art tutorials

What I’m Looking For:
  • Creators who update regularly- ideally once a week, but once every two weeks is fine
  • Creators who engage and promote their content
  • Channels that promote positivity- teach a skill, demonstrate products, promote games, create content
  • Channel is 6 months or older
Not Important:
  • Popularity- I don’t care what your sub count is, I do care that you update regularly
  • Media and Medium- I don’t care if you work traditionally or digitally, create music or games- I’m open to all sorts of collaborations
Types of Collabs I’m Open To:
  • Style Swaps
  • Redraw Your Character
  • Fandom swap
  • Favorite art supply swap
  • Lineart exchange
  • Round Robin multi artist exchange
  • Collaborate on a theme
  • Challenges
And more!  If you’ve got something else in mind, email me a pitch!

This Thursday, StArt Faire is hosting a Comic Tea Party for my webcomic, 7" Kara!  StArt Faire hosts weekly webcomic Tea Parties, where fans can join them on their Discord to answer plotty webcomic questions and chat with the creator.  You can find more information about Comic Tea Party, including the Discord information, here.  I would really appreciate it if some of you could swing by and cheer me on this Thursday.


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