Monday, January 01, 2018

Resolutions: Art Related Goals for 2018

Setting Realistic Art Goals: 

This year, when setting my resolutions, I tried to focus on actionable goals that I have direct control over.  This means avoiding goals predicated by popularity, monetary success, or getting into specific shows.

Patreon and Support Goals:

Want to revamp the Patreon- easier to navigate, more images, less text, better demonstrate the things I have done with backer support

Want to do a Pledge drive for Patreon once Patreon has been revamped

Launch year-long subscription options on Gumroad and through Square, to give people additional options to support my work

Career Related:

Want to redo kidlit portfolio based on editor advice, start sending it out again

Want to complete more standalone, narrative illustrations

Want to start sending out professional postcards

Comics Related:

Want to write two kidlit/middlegrade pitches with art and finished pages

Want to pitch to more anthologies

7" Kara Related:

Want to prioritize my time effectively- more time on 7" Kara pages and promotion, less time at conventions

Want to celebrate my one year online anniversary in February

Want to improve my promotion for 7" Kara- both as a print book and a webcomic.  To do this I will:
  • Take out ads on Project Wonderful for the Webcomic
  • Take out ads on TWC for the Webcomic
  • Participate in WebComicChat and Comic Artists Unite
  • Participate in Comic Tea Party on January 11th

Want to finish Chapters 7 and 8, plus a bonus comic, for Volume 2

Want to Kickstart Volume 2

Sales Related:

Want to revamp my online shop- better photos, better listings, get rid of the fluff
Want to clean out my old Etsy and use it to sell original paintings


Want to limit commissions taken at shows

Want to up commission prices

Art Development: 

Want to do more plein air studies and sketches- at the zoo, on hikes, on trips

Want to do more realistic watercolor and marker studies

Want to do more alcohol marker tutorials

Want to do more challenges and improvement drills

Community Related:

Want to engage other artists about their work more frequently

Want to get caught up and stay caught up with IDC member webcomics

Want to participate in Comic Teaparty regularly

Blog Related:

Want to finish Watercolor Basics series

Want to finish Intro to Comic Craft

Stick to a blog/Youtube budget based on last year's 'income' from Amazon Affiliates, Patreon, and Adsense

Want to start pulling the best posts and turning them into PDF's, because this blog is closing in 2019.

Personal Goals:

Continue managing my anxiety and depression

Continue working on positive self talk

Prioritize 7" Kara above other projects

Work on improving my organization

Rehome more art supplies

Learn to use the Cricut

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