Monday, September 11, 2017

Hurricane Harvey Relief Commissions

As you guys might know, I'm originally from Luling, Louisiana, which is just 40 minutes shy of New Orleans across the Mississippi River.  During Hurricane Katrina 12 years ago, I evacuated to Orange, TX, and watched in terror as the storm decimated New Orleans and the surrounding metropolitan area.  Last week, I returned to Luling to visit my family, and again watched in horror as Hurricane Harvey flooded Houston and the surrounding cities, including Orange, TX.

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you've seen me become very vocal about Hurricane Harvey news and ways to help those afflicted.  I'll never forget Hurricane Katrina, and Harvey was a frightful reminder of how dangerous and unpredictable hurricanes are.

I'm currently offering a special $15+ commission to raise money for Hurricane Harvey (and sadly, possibly Hurricane Irene) relief.  If you send me a screenshot of your donation to the H. Harvey relief organization of your choice, I'll create a custom avatar for you.  These commissions will be in detailed chibi style, and are bust up.  Screenshots can be submitted via email ( Twitter (@Nattosoup), or Instagram (@Nattosoup), and commissions will be completed ASAP.  You can also request multiples (say, all your kids, all your pets, you and your friends) for a $50+ donation.

Your $15+ donation will get you one character/person/pet/portrait.  If you'd like a group commission, donate $50+ to the Hurricane Harvey relief organization of your choice.

You can choose between traditional:

Kuretake Clean Color Real Brush Markers (waterbased)

Alcohol Marker

Or digital:

If I get enough Hurricane Harvey Relief commissions, I'll host a special commission stream.

These commissions make great Twitter, Facebook, G+, or Instagram avatars, and can also be used as forum and Discord avatars.  Get great art (at least a $25 value per commission) and support a great cause at the same time!

I plan on hosting other H. Harvey relief fundraisers, but those are still in the works, and this is a great time to grab an in expensive commission while helping those in need.

Don't have an organization in mind?  Check out these resources:
United Way of Houston:
National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster:
NYT: Where to Donate to Harvey Victims:

I realized that companies often do donations after a hurricane, so I've written to a few to see if they will.  If you can't afford to send donations, contacting companies on behalf of Harvey evacuees may make a difference.

Companies I've contacted:
Huggies: (re diaper donations:

Would CocaCola please consider donating Dasani bottled water to those who are without clean water in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey?

@Shell_US: Would Shell consider donating gas or funds to those risking their lives to help with Hurricane Harvey relief and rescue?

It can be difficult to contact Shell Oil easily, but if you can find an address, please consider sending this:

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, would Shell please consider donating gasoline and diesel fuel to the brave first responders in the Cajun and Redneck Navy?  They're rescuing people in airboats and other small personal craft, and are paying out of pocket for the gasoline.  As you know, the Gulf Coast is currently experiencing a gas crisis with Houston out of commission so the donation of gasoline or funds would be a huge help.

I'm going to host a fundraiser auction in a couple weeks, probably through YouCaring, with 100% of the proceeds going to Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief, so please keep an eye out for that as well.

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