Sunday, August 06, 2017

Using Copic Wides and Alcohol Misters in Your Illustration

Today I have a trio of tutorials designed to help you become comfortable with three handy alcohol marker techniques- masking, alcohol ink sprays, and applying wide areas of color.  By using these simple techniques effectively, you can make beautiful Copic marker illustrations like those shown below.  I'm sharing three alcohol marker tutorials to help get you used to using alcohol inks as an addition to your marker arsenal!

Copic markers, marker illustration, copic marker illustration

Copic marker, Blick Studio Brush Marker ,Prismacolor Marker, Marvy LePlume Fine Brush marker,

Check out the tutorial for this illustration here!~

Empty Copic Wides (or Copic Wides in the color of your choice)
Ranger or Pinata Alcohol Inks or Alcohol Marker refills

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Making Alcohol Misters

How to Use Masking Frisket with Markers

Diving In to Copic Wides and Alcohol Misters

For more alcohol marker tutorials, including Copic marker tutorials, Blick Studio Brush marker tutorials, and Chameleon marker and marker top tutorials, don't forget to check out my Youtube channel!