Intro to Comic Craft: Step by Step: Prelettering Pages

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When?  After you've drawn your roughs, and you're preparing them for pencils

Why?  To make sure you leave enough space for letter.

How: In the graphics program with lettering capabilities of your choice.  In this post, I'm using Photoshop.

Begin with your rough open in the program.  It's also beneficial to have your script with dialogue handy, rather than trying to recall it from memory.

Begin lettering your comic- making adjustments when the dialogue or narration gets too wordy.  At this stage, play around with text placement, and make sure you aren't covering anything important.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Use the font you plan on using in the final- in this comic, I'm using Blambot's Anime Ace 2.0
  • READ THE LICENSE- Not all fonts allow for commercial distribution, for print, or for display on web.
  • Work at size- adjust your rough to the print size or to the final size, depending on which will allow you to better judge how the text works on the page.

Once your page is lettered, save your file, and continue on towards converting these to bluelines for print!

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