Con Announcement: At Home Con

When: Saturday, July 22nd.  I plan to begin around 12PM CST, but may be a bit later.

What:  A live streaming event through UStream.

Where:  Your living room, studio, kitchen, bedroom- or coffee shop of your choice.  Basically anywhere you want to be!

Why:  This is the first year in seven that I did not make it into the Mechacon Artist Alley as an artist.  Mechacon is a huge source of income for me, and I've spent years developing that audience.  So rather than rolling over and giving up, I'm taking the con online!

This is the perfect opportunity for those of you who enjoy this blog, but have no intention of patronizing my work at a convention.  Now you can enjoy the show at home!

What's for sale?

  • Commissions- of all types, will work on them as they come in.  If you've ever wanted to watch me do markers or watercolor, here's your chance!
  • New Wooden charms for 2017!
  • 7" Kara Volume 1- both regular and with sketches
  • Mini Comics
  • Sassy Buttons
  • Cute accessories
  • Original Art

Who's Invited?

Anyone who'd like to attend!  Everyone is invited to come hang out and chat, request to see items, and purchase items.  This is a great opportunity if you live far away, but always wanted to see me at a con!

What if I can't afford to buy anything?

You're still very welcome to come hang out!

So how does this work? 

I'm going to set up my artist alley table in my living room- the whole magilla!  From original pieces to mini prints, from books to bows, it's all going out on the table.

We're going to set up a couple cameras- one at the front of my table, one behind the table, to try and capture a bit of the Artist Alley experience.

There'll be a chat room, and you're welcome to hang out, ask me questions, or request to see specific items close up.  If you see something you like, let me know!   You place your order through the chat, wait for confirmation, then pay through Paypal or my shop.  If paying through Paypal, please include your mailing address in the comment.  I set your item, commission, or book aside for mailing at the end of the show.

For commissions, I will have examples set up on a few sites (here, my Tumblr, my Instagram) with prices.  Orders will be placed through chat- Username- what you'd like- what level of commission you wish to purchase.  Commissions will be filled (as much as possible) that Saturday, then mailed out to customers, along with product orders.  Commissions not filled during At Home Con will be filled after and mailed out.

Not comfortable with chat?  You can also reach me through Twitter DM or email to place your order.

Pre Orders Starting Today

You can also pre-order commissions starting now through email, comment form, or Twitter DM.  If you'd like me to do a portrait (pet, kids, self, or an original character) please include links to your reference.  Once you get the OK, you can send your payment to my Paypal (same address as my email).

Where can I find examples of what to expect?

You can check out some examples of my various commission tiers here!
You can check out various examples of what I sell at conventions here!

How does this differ from an online sale or shop?

In some aspects, it doesn't.  But neither does a convention table really differ from a pop up shop. Sure, the table is in my living room, and no, you can't actively pick up the items to check them out, but we're going to have a camera at the ready to help facilitate the visual aspect of shopping.  And an At Home con has benefits that a real convention lacks- no lines, no need for badges, no registration, no travel, no con fatigue, and hopefully no social anxiety.  I will address the camera just as I would address you in person, for that personalized feel, and you can watch commission progress from the second camera behind me.  In a lot of ways, an At Home con is a better convention experience if you love cons for the Artist Alley.

If At Home Con goes well, I may be able to organize larger streamed events with other artists in the future!

As a bonus:

I plan on starting At Home con early for Artnerds, with an exclusive look at how I set up for cons, step by step!  So if you want some inside information on how I prep and set up for cons, head on over to my Patreon to join the Artnerd community!


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