Jam and Jelly: Recent Kidlit Illustrations

Although I've considered my comic work to be primarily all ages or kid-lit, it wasn't until last fall that I started creating work specifically to cater to kidlit and children's book illustration.

For me, this means a significant style shift away from the watercolor comic pages of 7" Kara, which means generating a new body of work, both traditional and digital.  This results in multiple bodies of work that don't quite seem to correspond or serve one another.  Since I'm looking for additional paying freelance work to help pay the bills, this means working double time to fill the new portfolios.

Spot Color and Ink:

Materials Used:
Pentel Red Brush Pen+Pentel Red Colored Lead+Sakura Pigma Pro Brushpen

Spot Color Fountain Pen Inks:

Materials Used:
J Herbin Bleu Pervenche (in a waterbrush), washi tape, Noodler's Habernero, Apache Sunset, Diamine Marigold (all in waterbrushes), Diamine Sparkling Seas (in waterbrush), Pentel Red brushpen, Parker Quink (in a waterbrush)

Brusho Watercolor Illustrations:


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