Upcoming Show: Firefly Artisan Fair

This weekend, I'm going to have a booth at the Firefly Artisan Fair, here in Nashville!

The Firefly Artisan Fair is Saturday, May 13th, from 7PM-11PM on the Clay Lady's Campus (1416 Lebanon Pike, Nashville TN 37210).

I'm going to have:

  • Original watercolor and marker art
  • Children's books for sale (7" Kara Volume 1, Gizmo Grandam: A Twisty Tale)
  • Mini Comics (Favorite Fictional Femmes, Magical Girl March, Pickin' N' Peelin')
  • Wooden Charms
  • Select floral mini prints
This brand new watercolor illustration, painted specifically for the Firefly Artesian Fair, will be for sale at my booth.

You guys can check out more wonderful vendors and art on the Firefly Artisan Fair's Instagram!  There's going to be beautiful ceramics, gorgeous jewelry, and original art for sale!  The Firefly Artisian Fair features all Nashville-area creators and creatives, so if you're in Nashville and you want to shop local, this is a great way to do it!

Examples of art that will be for sale:

And much, much more!

There will also be

  • Community feel event- firepit, smores, music, food
  • Artisan demonstrations, see artists making their craft
  • Interactive art project (invite participants to create art while at the event) a large tile installation called The Nashville Clayscape
  • Participants will be encouraged to engage with Firefly Friends and be creative themselves!
  • FREE admission
  • FREE Valet parking available (we want to make it easy for attendees to come to this event)


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