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September ArtSnacks Vs SketchBox

Thanks to Denise Hillburn (my mother) for the gift of ArtSnacks for the year!  SketchBox Basic subscription purchased by me out of personal funds.  If you would like to help support this blog, and continue posts like this, please consider donating to my Paypal, or contributing to my Patreon.  Future unboxings and reviews are unlocked to the public at the $15 level each month, but backers have access regardless of funds raised.  Posts like this are only possible through the support of my Backers, so if you enjoy this content, please check it out and consider joining.

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So here's the skinny:  In all the hustle and bustle of October (Special Edition ArtSnacks Inktober Box, bringing the October ArtSnacks and Sketchbox with me to San Jose, being in San Jose for a week, tabling at APE), not only did I NOT write the September ArtSnacks V SketchBox post, but I also committed the biggest sin of all- I deleted the notes and the photos.

I know, I know, I am the absolute worst.  I am sure my read-only readers are horrified.  I apologize.  When I realized I'd never written a September review (while writing my October review, ironically), I had two options:  Skip September entirely or make the best of the situation.

Well, you're reading this, so you know which option I went with.  Fortunately, I DID record three videos, two of which include September SketchBox Basic information, from prices to places you can shop.  I apologize if I've broken any hearts, but given the lack of complaints, I'm going to assume you guys forgot too.  We're just all smucks together.

If you're one of my Instagram followers, you DID see shots as I took them, so you probably know what came in these boxes.  If not, I'll be tacky and share screenshots of my IG in this post.  If you're into that sort of early access goodness on reviews, tutorials, and demonstrations, you should follow me on Instagram.

ArtSnacks vs. SketchBox Unboxing- Becca Hillburn

ArtSnacks vs SketchBox Overview

This Month's ArtSnacks:
Alvin DraftMatic ArtSnacks Exclusive Drafting Pencil
Alumicolor 6" Architect's Ruler (not the pocket version)
Kurecolor Twin S Alcohol marker
Kuretake Zig Clean Color Real Brush

Unfortunately I did not mention either totals for this month-my apologies.

This Month's SketchBox Basic:
Art Alternatives Blending Stumps and Tortillions
Art Alternatives Chamois
(General's) Primo Charcoal Kit
General's 4 Piece Charcoal Pencil Set

MSRP: $34.16
Lowest Retail Price: $24.92


For September, SketchBox Basic sent charcoal drawing supplies.  I'm going to get flack for admitting this, but I hate charcoal, I no longer use it, and I hate how it gets all over everything.  I work in a small studio (really just the smaller bedroom in my two bebdroom apartment) that has not only carpet, but a cat, so I try to limit my mess to materials I actually enjoy.  If you enjoy charcoal, that's great, but due to a very busy schedule, and the fact that my challenge videos tend to get the least hits on YouTube, I opted not to do the SketchBox Basic challenge this month, and focused my attention on creating loads of Inktober tutorials.


This month, we received only four 'snacks' from ArtSnacks, so the box felt a bit anemic, especially as the ruler is more of a tool. This month, SketchBox provided a very cohesive box, even if it was a media I greatly dislike, although there was a fair amount of overlap between the Primo set and the 4 piece Charcoal set.

SketchBox Basic did a decent job hitting the sweet spot this month, with a lowest retail value well in the accepted range.

The Winner: SketchBox

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