Wednesday, November 09, 2016

One Illustration, Multiple Renditions

As a children's comic artist, I feel like I've hit the wall with self publishing.  Comics, as an industry, isn't really geared towards producing work intended for children, and isn't really interested in exploring untapped avenues.  Although I love comics, and want to continue to make comics for a younger audience, I feel like it's time for me to think more laterally and explore other options.

Currently, I'm working on bridging my work from comics to include kidlit and children's book illustration.  This requires a fair amount of work creating new pieces for my online portfolio, as much of that market currently focuses on digital art.  While I prepare my portfolio to submit to agencies, agents, and art directors

I thought it would be interesting to handle the same basic illustration- Kara watching a curled up doodle bug- a variety of ways.  While completing these illustrations, I learned a lot and improved my digital rendering methods, so I definitely think this is time well spent.

If you are an agent, art director, or in a position to help me pursue my goals, and you like what you see here or on any other post, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me.  You can check out my kidlit portfolio for more examples of kid specific work, or you can check out my Behance for a much broader selection.  I am always interested in new longterm, paying, job opportunities, and am not currently under contract.

All illustrations were originally inked in a sketchbook, scanned, and rendered in Photoshop on my Surface Pro 3.  Character depicted is Kara from my ongoing watercolor comic, 7" Kara.  Volume 1 is available in book and pdf  formats.

Digital Flats

Kid Lit Illustration Digital Flats

Digital Pastel
Kid Lit Illustration Digital Pastel
Digital Watercolor (no textures)

Kid Lit Illustration Digital Watercolor, no texture
 Textured Digital Watercolor

Kid Lit Illustration Digital Watercolor

 Digital Crayon

Kid Lit Illustration Digital Crayon

Digital Illustration

Faux Papercut Simple

Kid Lit Illustration Digital Simple Cut Paper
Layered Cut Paper

Faux Colored Lineart

Kid Lit Illustration Digital Colored Lines

Digital Lineless

Kid Lit Illustration Digital Lineless Rendering
I also take private commissions for art both digital and traditional.  If you're interested in purchasing a commission, check out my options on my online shop, or send me an email describing what you want, and I can make a recommendation and provide quotes.