Thursday, November 24, 2016

2016 Small Business Saturday

Last year, I made it my mission to remind people that artists are small businesses, and deserve your support on Small Business Saturday.  Many of us create handmade, one of a kind items that make perfect gifts for loved ones, but we are so small that we cannot afford brick and mortar shopfronts.  Many of us also have difficulty getting the small businesses in our local area to take a chance on our work, so you may never see our work for sale in local shops, despite their promises that they carry locally made products.  Last year's Small Business Saturday post not only covered these bases, but also included a list of wonderful artists and crafters who sell their wares online. If you're interested in supporting micro businesses like my own, I highly recommend you revisit that post.

In that light, I'd like to announce that this year, I'm hosting another

Small Business Saturday Sale!

Coupon Code:  SmallBiz
Good for: 20% total order, including comics and original art
When:  Today until Sunday, Nov 27th

Original Art, listed just in time for the holidays. We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and Bitcoin.  All pieces are priced to be affordable- I would rather they go to good homes than sit in my portfolio collecting dust.

Not sure how original art or commissions fits into the lives of you or your loved ones?  Check out this Art Soundoff on Art as a Service:

All New Listings:

Favorite Fictional Femmes Original Ink Illustrations
Ink, Brush on Watercolor paper

To purchase, please visit the painting section of the shop.

Gizmo Grandma: A Twisty Tale
A children's novel with watercolor illustrations.  Written by Lenore Salazar, with illustrations by me.

Includes 43 watercolor illustrations by me.  $15.  Purchase here.

31 Days Under the Waves
My 2016 Inktober mini features loads of merfolk in fun situations
32 underwater illustrations.  $4. Purchase here.
31 Days Under the Waves is available as a PDF download via Gumroad.

31 Days Under the Waves Coloring Packs
10 images printed on artist quality marker paper using toner based inks.  Compatible with waterbased and alcohol based markers.
$6 for the 10 sheet pack.  Purchase here.
These images are also available as a Print It Yourself download via Gumroad.

2016 Black and White Sketchbook- Let Sleeping Cats Lie...
An ashcan is a collection of sketches and studies compiled into a small, self bound booklet.
This year's black and white sketchbook, Let Sleeping Cats Lie..., is a collection of daily figure studies, fashion studies, facial expressions, and doodles.  It's perfect if you're interested in a peek into how my mind works, or if you have a young artist you'd like to encourage.

$3 Purchase here.
Let Sleeping Cats Lie is also available as a PDF download via Gumroad.

2016 Full Color Sketchbook- ...Or Else They'll Drink Your Watercolor Water
An ashcan is a collection of studies and sketches compiled and handbound into a small book.
This year, I completed so many color illustrations as watercolor studies, marker field tests, or YouTube tutorial demonstrations, I could put together a sizable color ashcan, ...Or Else They'll Drink Your Watercolor Water.  Perfect if you'd like a taste of my color work, or are looking for inspiration for yourself or a loved one.
Full color. $6.  Purchase here.
...Or Else They'll Drink Your Watercolor Water is available as a PDF download via Gumroad.

Fairy Kei Plaques

One of a kind, handlettered sealed and decorated wooden sign that reads My Bae is 2D.  $20.  Purchase here.
One of a kind, handlettered sealed and decorated wooden sign that reads Livin the Kawaii Life.  $30.  Purchase here.
There are more wooden signs available in the shop, and signs can be commissioned.  Please email me for a quote.

New Original Watercolors
Available in a variety of prices, sizes, and subject matter

11"x15"- inkwash and watercolor on watercolor paper. $40 for the original piece.  Purchase here.
5"x8", Brusho, watercolor, ink on Fluid 100 watercolor paper.  $30 for the original piece.  Purchase here.
For more original art and illustration, please visit the shop.

New Mini Watercolors
8"x8" and 9"x12" mini watercolors that feature fanart as the subject.  Most are popular Pokemon in bright watercolors, but there are also Gundams and a few anime characters.  Check back frequently, as updating the shop is still in progress.

8"x8" watercolor of Magikarp, original piece available for $25.  Purchase here.
8"x8" watercolor of a Zaku, original piece available for $20.  Purchase here.
Make sure to check out the shop for more mini watercolors!

Convention Favorites:

Magical Girl March
31 Days, 30 Girls, 3 Boys
2015's March challenge. $4.  Purchase here.
Magical Girl March is available as a PDF download via Gumroad.

Favorite Fictional Femmes

42 of my favorite fictional femmes, all in glorious black and white.
  2015's Inktober sketchbook. $4.  Purchase here.
Favorite Fictional Femmes is available as a PDF download via Gumroad.

Print-It-Yourself Coloring sheets are also available for purchase in three packs- Ladies of Literature, Just Animated, and the entire collection of 42 femmes.

7" Kara Volume 1

7" Kara is an all ages watercolor adventure comic the whole family can enjoy together.  Follow Kara, a 7 inch tall girl, as she make friends and discovers that humans are more than just tall tales.

  • 120 pages,including a bonus story and concept art section to inspire young minds
  • Perfect bound
  • Includes Chapters 1-4 of this ongoing comic
  • For readers 8-12, although enjoyable for all ages
  • Beautiful watercolor illustrations keep the reader engaged
  • Comic format is very rewarding for young readers- strong correlation between content of panel and dialogue

$15 or $20 with a sketch and dedication in back of book.  Purchase here.

Lilliputians are tiny people who occupy the in-between spaces of our world. Sometimes, if you're careful, you can catch a glimpse of one. 7" Kara is a suburban fantasy comic aimed at young girls. Inspired by books such as "The Borrowers", "The Littles", and "Gulliver's Travels", 7" Kara follows the adventures of the 11 year old Lilliputian Kara. Kara lives with her parents in an old doll house that's been hidden away in the back of a neglected shed. Isolated her entire life, she has few Lilliputian friends her own age, and even less experience with the outside world. Everything she knows has been learned first hand or has been taught to her by her parents. Her life changes drastically when a human family moves into the house her family lives near. Will Kara make a new friend? Or is there something darker, possibly more dangerous in store for her?

Sample pages from Chapters 1-4

If you are only going to purchase one thing from my shop this year, I highly recommend it be 7" Kara Volume 1.  The project is nearest and dearest to my heart, and all of my efforts go towards promoting this comic.  If you enjoy this blog, the YouTube channel, or my art, please check this comic out.

If you've already read volume 1, the first chapter of Volume 2, Chapter 5, is available as a PDF from my Gumroad shop.  You can also purchase a PDF for all of Volume 1.

Your support of my comics, mini comics, originals, and merchandise not only encourages my work as an artist, but enables me to continue dedicating massive amounts of time to this blog and to the Youtube channel.  If you enjoy the content I create, and you cannot justify joining my Patreon, giving patronage to my online shops is a fantastic way to