Thursday, June 16, 2016

A2CAF Announcement

This weekend, I'm packing up my comics and portfolios and heading to Ann Arbor for A2CAF (Ann Arbor Comic Arts Festival)!  A2CAF, formerly Kids Read Comics, is a kid and teen centric comic con organized by Jerzy Drozd (creator of the webcomic Boulder and Fleet, co creator of comics podcasts like Comics are Great and Lean Into Art), Anne Drozd, and Dan Mishkin, and you can read more about this comic festival here.

I'll be at Table 16 with all sorts of goodies including copies of 7" Kara Volume 1, Favorite Fictional Femmes, Magical Girl March, original watercolor illustrations, mini prints, and two new sketchbooks for 2016.   Let Sleeping Cats Lie... is my black and white sketchbook that collects my warm ups, sketches, inks, and doodles from 2015 and 2016, and Or Else They'll Drink Your Watercolor Water is my full color sketchbook that collects my field tests, watercolor studies, and marker illustrations, many of which have been shown in tutorials on my YouTube channel.  Neither of these sketchbooks are available in my shop yet, so A2CAF will be their debut.   I'll also have my 7" Kara portfolio on hand, with in progress pages from Volume 2 on display.

Since this is not an anime con, I've tweaked my setup a bit to feature the things I really want to see move- originals and copies of Volume 1.  I also launched a cute new 16 expression Kara sticker set that I'm excited to debut.

I tentatively plan on offering at-show sketches on Saturday, with the option that they may not be ready for pickup until Sunday, and I will offer mail in commissions all show long.  If you're going to be at A2CAF and enjoy my art, this might be the perfect opportunity to order a commission.  I've added more elaborate watercolor and marker illustration options, with examples in my sample book.

I'm offering mini prints featuring original characters for $2 each, with sets priced differently.  I've begun the push towards offering more original IPs on my table, and hopefully these pocket prints are an accessible way to enter that market.

I have originals in a variety of sizes for sale, including large watercolor illustrations perfect for a child's room or library, as well as smaller illustrations that may suit a smaller budget.

I had hoped to have copies of the children's novel I illustrated, Gizmo Grandma: A Twisty Tale (written by Lenore Salazar) for sale as well, but unfortunately, I will not have those in time for A2CAF.  I'll let you guys know here when I finally see my illustrator's proof copy.

I'm really excited about attending A2CAF, as I will be in excellent children's publishing company.  Creators like Carey Pietsch, Katie Shanahan, Lucy Bellwood, Kean Soo, Tory Woolllcott, Rob Stenzinger, and Courtney Hahn will also be tabling, so if you're in the area, please bring yourself and your favorite little one to this free event!