Watercolor Marker Tutorial

Watercolor Marker Tutorial with Nattosoup


1. Pencil an image on nice watercolor paper that doesn't have too rough a texture (Fluid pads, Fabriano pretorn watercolor paper)
2. Ink with Sailor Mitsuo Aida waterproof brushpen.  Available on Jetpens.  Allow to dry overnight.
3. Erase pencil lines with Mono white vinyl eraser, available on Jetpens, brush away eraser crumbs with drafting brush.
4. Affix to Gatorboard with white masking tape.
5. Create a side palette with masking tape on gatorboard.  Could probably just use the plastic Gatorboard, but it might stain.  You can also use flat pieces of scrap plastic, like from packaging.
6. Apply ink to side palette, wet brush with clean water, begin to apply background.
7. Allow layer to fully dry, begin additional layers, as covered here.
8.  If you want to build up significant saturation, allow paper to dry and apply directly from marker.  Allowing paper to dry prevents pilling.  If you want to blend out, apply water immediately.  Some color can be lifted up with a paper towel while area is still wet.


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