Summer Art Dump Part 1- Pre-TCAF, At TCAF, Pre-ALA

I've been so busy lately finishing up Gizmo Grandma, doing freelance work, traveling to a handful of conventions all across the country (and even to Canada), that while I've found time to sketch and draw, I haven't found much time to sit down and scan.  As time progressed, my scan backlog grew and grew, and at two unscanned sketchbooks, I figured it was time to make it a priority.  After all, this blog isn't JUST about reviewing art supplies (although it seems that way lately), it's also about my process and even, sometimes, it's about my art.

Since I have over 100 scans, I'm going to upload this in three consecutive parts, and sprinkle them amongst my Walmart Art Supply Review series.

For those of you who've noticed that I often sketch with color pencils, and may be wondering why I do so, the reason is because it allows me to loosen up, without having to wait for ink to dry.  Sketching with permanent or semi permanent materials like ink, china marker, or color pencil is a great way to work on being more decisive, as it removes the ability to erase repeatedly.  I do not recommend this for production work, but I've found it's a great way to create more gestural, less fussy sketches, and it removes the mental burden of trying to make things perfect.

Daily Warm ups and Cool Downs, referenced from Pinterest boards and The Sartorialist.

Trying to get more referenced drawing in to my regular drawing rotation.

That's all for Part 1 of my three part summer sketch dump!  I'll be sharing Parts 2 and 3 soon, and I'm also planning on doing a teenage year retrospective video as an accompaniment to my Walmart, Target, and Dollar Tree art supply series, so keep an eye out for that! 


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