Paradis Library Drawing Demo

My Mechacon recap post is coming soon, but in the meantime, enjoy this video of my drawing demo for kids 2-8 at the Paradis branch of the St Charles Parish Library system, during Storytime.

This is the youngest group I've ever drawn for, and while I couldn't really teach them concrete drawing skills (given how rowdy some of the younger audience members were, and how long they'd already sat during Storytime), I could draw for them, and encourage an enjoyment of art and illustration.  I drew all the kids who volunteered to be drawn, some 8 or so children, and as my focus was getting those sketches done and into little hands fast, I sadly don't have any photos of the sketches done.  Every volunteer got to take their drawing- which was china marker in either blue or black on 11x14 sketchbook paper- home with them.

I performed this service free of charge, because I feel strongly about improving art education access in Louisiana, especially in St Charles Parish, where I grew up.  When I was growing up, although there was a school art program that focused on introducing students to skills and materials, you had to test into it, and I never seem to cut it. Especially gifted students could qualify to attend NOCCA, I didn't qualify as talented enough for talented art, and I certainly didn't qualify as talented enough for NOCCA. I've always been stubborn, and I wasn't going to let other people determine what I was capable of, and as you can see, I'm still pursuing that dream to this day.  That's why it's important to me to present learning opportunities to ANY child who wishes to learn, regardless of perceived ability.  I firmly believe that anyone can learn to draw and paint, so long as they're willing to put the years of study it may take into honing the craft, and I'm very interested in learning teaching methods that make art and illustration accessible to others.

If you are a parent, librarian, or educator who is interested in scheduling lessons for your kids, I can do visits (for the Nashville area almost any time, or for South East Louisiana, please schedule far in advance), or I can do Google Hangout or Skype Calls.  Just check out my Info tab for contact information and more details.


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