Tuesday, June 23, 2015

April and May 2015 Sketch Dump

It seems like I'm always talking about time getting away from me when I'm posting a sketchdump.  These sketches were from April and May of this year, and they've been scanned for about a month, I just haven't really had time to write about them.  This month has been busy, with Animazement, my younger brother visiting, and preparing for ALA, and there just never seems to be enough time to sit down and work on this post.

For some reason, I always feel like I need to include a preamble before my sketchdumps.  I guess since 'writer' is part and parcel with my whole creator deal, its understandable that I think words belong with pictures in most instances.  Plus, I genuinely like it when artists explain their inspiration, their sources, their thought process, and I assume that's something you guys like as well.

General Sketches

April Sketch Challenge- The OC Challenge

The April Sketch Challenge shown here was selected by the Western Shoujo Artists group for April's challenge.  I'm not personally hot on OC challenges- I tend to draw my OC's daily anyway, OC challenges are really bad for cultivating a larger audience, and it isn't much of a challenge for me to draw my OC's daily.  Strangely, although I was the only member in the Google Hangout NOT excited about this challenge, I was the only one to finish all 30 prompts.

Rather than taking the way too easy route of just drawing Kara every day, I opted to use this as an opportunity to better flesh out Naomi, the other main character of 7" Kara.  During April, I discovered that Naomi is an honors student who plays the oboe and is part of the band's color guard during marching season.  She likes super shoujo magical girl anime like Precure, and rides a unicycle.  She goes for a morning run every day before school because it helps her clear her head, and admires characters who use kindness and wisdom to solve problems.  She's in the debate club, likes Nintendo games, and loves to read.  Being 14, Naomi is still definitely a bit childish, but it doesn't stop her from making new friends at her new school.

Ink Tests

Below are a few of my favorite ink test illustrations.  You've probably seen shots of them during my recent reviews, but I like some of them enough that I thought they deserved to stand on their own as illustrations.