Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Magical Girl March

I'd already mentioned Magical Girl March in my February March Sketchdump, but I thought it merited a post of its own.  Magical Girl March was the first challenge I presented to the Western Shoujo Comic Artists Facebook group, and I encouraged members to post along.  It's based on Ruby's Magical Girl Challenge (I'm afraid I don't have the original source), and the rules are simple: 31 Drawings, 31 Days.  I wasn't hot on all the prompts, but I tried to follow them pretty faithfully.
Magical Girl March, Magical Girls
I'm currently working on cleaning up and organizing these magical cuties so I can offer them as a ashcan at TCAF.  For now though, I can share the original scans here with you guys!
Day 1- Generic

Day 2- Environmental

Day 3- Food

Day 4- Space

Day 5- Sports

Day 6: Mecha

Day 7: Colorful/Rainbow

Day 8: Martial Arts

Day 9: Sailor Senshi

Day 10: Godtier

Day 11: Warrior

Day 12: Musical

Day 13: Evil

Day 14: Child

Day 15: Princess

Day 16: Aquatic

Day 17: Gunslinger/Western

Day 18: Mythological

Day 19: Animal

Day 20: Patriotic

Day 21: Ancient/Tribal

Day 22: Monster

Day 23: Fairytale

Day 24: Singing Idol

Day 25: Pirate

Day 26: Bug

Day 27: Old School

Day 28: Pajama

Day 29: Working

Day 30: Magical Boy

Day 31: Freebie