Thursday, February 05, 2015

2015 New Years Resolutions

These resolutions were written in late December, but this is my first real opportunity to clean them up and post them.  Better late than never, right?

  • Try to keep a daily journal
  • Participate in more anthologies, especially those organized by artists you don't yet know
  • Do things with/ for the shoujo artist group
  • Go to TCAF
  • Arrange a shoujo artist meet up (request members bring ashcans to share w/ the group)
  • Make a 2015 Ashcan for TCAF
  • Wooden charms
  • Finish 3 more chapters of 7" Kara before the year ends
  • Finish Gizmo Granny
  • Submit portfolio to more opportunities
  • Table at fewer cons 
  • Sell more than $1k at a con
  • Have a better attitude online and in person
  • Update this blog more often with process posts
  • Pitch to Sparkler with the Real Life Tales of Comic Craft 
  • Teach comic classes at local library 
  • Contact teachers about talking to their classes
  • Sketch more from life 
  • Travel for pleasure more
  • Spend $ more wisely
  • Do more art videos for YouTube 
  • Go thru clothes, donate what doesn't fit
  • Do something to help the comic community in NO
  • Renew old friendships
  • Learn to stand on my own two feet