Tuesday, February 03, 2015

2014 Year in Review

This post was written mid-December, but this is my first chance to edit it, clean it up, and post it.  Better late than never, right?

  • Did a lot of cons.  Regret doing so many.  Feel like I learned a lot, but often also feel like I've learned nothing.  Did learn I'd rather see an increase in online sales than push myself to sell at cons
  • Got to tour Viz Media in San Francisco.  Went to APE.  Spent a lot of $ on comics.  Had a great time.
  • Suffered from burnout April-August.  Still did work, but didn't socialize as much
  • Saw less freelance work/commissions than last year, possibly b/c I was always out of town for cons
  • Learned that I could do 5 big watercolors at a time in 3-4 days, rather than prior 3 tops.  Hated myself a little, but it was also fun.
  • Found out about Gatorboard being AWESOME as a stretching board.
  • Started posting on Behance
  • Started taking Instagram and Tumblr seriously as a way to promote for cons
  • Relaxed on updating the blog 
  • Reorganized studio
  • Hung out with Annie Stoll in New York
  • Reconnected with Laura Neubert
  • Went to a furry con, a Lego con, and did a small craft show-all new territory for me.
  • Raised my con goal from $500 to $700 per con
  • Put together my first perfect bound book, did layout and design. Learned just how much you can get done at the last minute when you really want something 
  • Introduced prints in a few sizes-11x17, 4x6
  • Introduced sassy buttons, found a way to REALLY connect w/ my audience 
  • Started occasionally painting on Arches, l.o.v.e it.
  • Started using Copic and watercolor together for certain illustrations. Love that too 
  • Introduced a new chibi style that is much cuter but is too labor intensive to continue offering at $5.  Going to split my sketch commissions into tiers next year
  • Got used to flying alone 
  • Realized that while my audience is small, it's very loyal and supportive.  Thank you, guys
  • Bee and Puppycat heralds what I hope will be a change in how cute media for girls is accepted and consumed 
  • Melatonin (MidNites) really helps keep late night anxiety in check by making me sleepy before the anxiety takes hold 
  • I'm really tired of flying so often 
  • Comics as an industry cannot make you happy if drawing comics doesn't give you pleasure in and of itself
  • I'm too neurotic to share a table with most people
  • Half a table means (less than half) the usual profit 
  • Nothing you do or accomplish will actually impress people who've already decided to demean everything you do.  They'll find a way to cheapen your accomplishments.  Don't listen to them.
  • Senpai should be chosen carefully if you want senpai to notice you
  • My grandmother is better at selling my books than I am, and I need to learn her secrets
  • Made friends with some of the ladies at Sparkler this year
  • Submitted to an illustration agency, waiting to hear back

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