A Belated Christmas Present

Giving original art is a tricky proposition.  The gift is best appreciated by someone who actively enjoys original art, but on occasion, you can convert someone into such an appreciation.   With this year's painting, I took no such risk, and opted to give my friend Alex a watercolor painting tailored to her interests.

Alex loves original art- we first met when they commissioned me to draw one of their original characters at Otakon several years ago, and they often help out on our convention adventures as an irreplaceable assistant.  I think of them as a younger sibling, and I wanted to give them something special this year.

Alex introduced me to a love of goats and an appreciation for fauns, so I painted a fawn-faun wearing kodomo fashion for them.  And since they're an animal lover, I painted the faun feeding winter sparrows, and because it's been intolerably cold (to me) lately, I opted to paint a snow scene.

faun, sparrows, fawn, winter, watercolor, painting, Nattosoup Studio

The original will be going to Alex when I see them at Kamicon this year, but I plan to offer prints as well.


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